Peeling/ Skin rejuvenation

Peeling/ Skin rejuvenation

Spectra Melasma Before ShiehSpectra Melasma After Shieh

Melasma (Older pigmentation)

Melasma is a skin condition that most older people suffers of and shows like brown ,light brown or dark pigment spots in the face. Age and skintype and if you have been active getting tanned from the sun is often the reason to this spots. With our treatment you reduce the pigments in Melasma and let the body absorb it and cleans it out. This is a treatment we do with low energy so it wont hurt much or make blitchers or wounds. To reduce the Melasma, several treatments are needed.

Price: 3500kr per treatment (face)

Spectra Acne Before WernerSpectra Acne After Werner


Treatment of acne/ acnescars and inflammatoric acne is something our laser are really good at. You can do treatments with 4 weeks intervalls and the result will become better for every treatment. Deep scars can not always be fully removed and takes longer time to reduce.

Price: 3500kr per treatment (both cheeks) for back treatment or other part of body ask for a offer.


Blood vessles

Removal of small 1-2mm blood vessles, spider webs etc. Treatment time up to 30 min.

In this time we usually can make two full legs!

Price: 3000kr per treatment


Hollywood treatment

Also called "carbon laser peeling" a luxury treatment you buy from the nicest saloons from all over the world and it has its origin from hollywood moviestars that actually started to do these treatments. Hollywood treatment is the latest peeling method with laser technology. You use an active charcoal lotion as amplifier to achieve cosmetic effects on the skin thats treated. A skin rejuvenation method that works for all people!

This laser-peel treatment has its origin of the creators of our laser device. You put on a facemask with coal lotion which get lasered in a 2-step process. It doesnt hurt and you got a minimal blushing or not at all. (if you got, it will be gone in 1-2 hours) You can easily go out for dinner/ pub/ work after. When the coalmask gets lasershot, will even small micro particles of dead skincells, acne, wrinkles, and large pores being reduced. The result will become a smoother skin! The treatment takes only about 20min.

A medical active coal-lotion is being applicated to the skin and let selfdry in a couple of minutes. Then we use a Q-switched ND: YAG laser to heat up and make implosions of the coal particles on the skin, which leads to a breakdown of the coal to small particles that has a multiple positive effect on the treated skin:

  • Pores cleans out from fat (oily skin)
  • Reduce large pores
  • Reduce future production of tallow, Which make the skin less fat and reduce the upcoming of acne
  • Removes dead skin particles
  • Kills and reduce acnebacterials, which treats mild to diffycult acne
  • Prevents future breakout of acne
  • Reduce and eliminate hyperpigmentation as Melasma, cafe au lait spots, freckles etc.
  • Makes the skin brighter
  • Stimulates the collagenproduction and improves skintone
  • Makes the skin more solid and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives a skin reijuvenation
  • Helps skin to get a new handsome smooth look

Price: 3495kr (1495kr under sale) (full face)