Technical specifikation

Technical specifikation

We are using a medical Q-switched nd: Yag-laser, which is highly effective and has a multiple usage area in treatments. for example: Treatment against Melasma, Rosacea, Acnescars, Acne, Tattoo removal, peeling, pigment spots,Hair Bleaching, blood vessles etc.. Q-switching is a technic for create short laserpulses with very high effect. The result means that the laser leaves a short pulse (1/10 nanosec) with very high topeffect, a so called Q-puls.

There is a big difference between different Q-switched lasers on the market, as it is a big difference between advanced and expensive cars compared to cheap and low quality cars. We can proudly represent that we invested in the best Q-switched laser technology on the market. Produced by a great company that produces medical equipment for hospitals and medical industry.

Why choose us?

1. Our laser is on of the most advanced in this business and works fast and effective. It gives a guaranteed result faster and more effective then the most lasers on the market. With inflated linces it can shoot all different wavelines and spectrum of tattoo colours and pigments.

2. With it's unique doublepulse our laser hits with the exact same amount of energy every time and got a powerfield called "top hat beam" (See picture below.)

3. Our laser peaks max-energy on higher level then other machines on the market. (hits with same energy without hurting any tissue) which leeds to less pain and maximum performance of the treatment, and better recovery for the patient. See pictures from the heatcam below. See how the energy stays in same area without fading out and hurt other tissues or putting heat to the tissue.

  Pic 1: Other Q-switched lasers                                           Pic 2: Our laser


4. Shoots up to 8mm spot per hit. (Dark colours)

5. Shoots up to a speed of 10hz or 300 us (spectra mode) with 1200mJ. (Power and repetition rate).

6. Our laser is tested against other high effective lasers on the market. In a competition test they compared the lasers with half the treatment each on the same tattoo. Both laser had the same power and Hz but still our laser did a better job. (search for our laser name on youtube and you can find videos on this tests).

7. Our Employees have all been educated through both theoritical and practical education for using a high effective laser for tattoo removal and hair removal. Every treatment is made by a certified terapeut. 

Does it hurt?

Pain is felt individually. You can buy a numbing cream on the pharmacy before the treatment to reduce the worst pain. A false rumour says that it hurts more to remove a tatto than add it. Thats fake! The most people generally belives that the removal treatments is very mild compared to making a tattoo. And the best thing is, that it doesnt take long time. A little swallow/ blitchers can show up and its totally normal. The laser are not causing big wounds or scars. We treat the area with ice immediately after the treatment. The white spot that shows up is just water condensed under the skin and it will be absorbed by the body in less then 20 min. Then will the tattoo shows up again but bleacher then before. Then it got bleacher for every treatment until its gone. The body absorbed the tattoo colour and cleans it out it self up to 6-8 weeks after treatment. 

Can i remove a tattoo completely? How fast?

Thats a diffycult question to answer how many treatments just you will need. Because thats a lot of factors thats plays in. the amount of colour, immune resistance, tattoo colour, placement of the tattoo etc. We have made treatments where we got tattoos fully removed in just 1-3 treatment. Normally it takes up to 6 treatments and more. After a treatment you must wait at least 6 weeks before the next treatment. That is the time it takes for the immune system and the body to absorb the colours and remove it. Sometimes you see a big difference directly after the treatment and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks before you see a greater result. The closer the tattoo sticks to the head and heart the easier it is to remove. With that said, if the tattoo is stucked to the hands or feets it will take longer time. Are you unsure on how many treatments you need or how much money you will spend you can buy a fixed packetprice. We discount good for the package price and you can also pay by split rentfree invoice for up to 12 month. If you are in for a coverup it usually doesnt need more then up to 3 treatments.

Our laser works as one of the fastest machines on the market so the treatments usually takes 2-30 min maximum. Some colours can take longer time. We never goes over more then one hour treatment time. Because that will stress the immune system more then necessary, and its strongly recommended to not go over that limit for your body.