Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

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2x2cm (4cm2) 995kr

5x5cm (25cm2) 1495kr

10x10cm (100cm2) 1995kr

15x15cm (225cm2) 2495kr

20x20cm (400cm2) 2995kr

25x25cm (625cm2) 3495kr

Ask for a offer on several treatments. Many times it pays off for the patient to book fixed price. To completely remove a tattoo can take 6-8 treatments or more for some tattoos. All depends on how solid the ink is and where its located on the body.

FAQ: Hi dear customers! We got a lot of questions about tattoo removal. Here is some fact and answers about our laser and treatments.

Our lasermachine got an average clearance of tattoos for up to 85% on 3 treatments. ( Which is very high compared to many other q-switched lasers on the market). There is some people that responds great to the treatment! Our best customers had a clearance for up to 90-100% on the first treatment. But it is also a small bunch of people that falls into "less-responding" treatment. If you want to feel the right expectations, you should count to do several treatments. Somewhere between 6-8 treatments for dark colours and 3-4 for bright colours. Less treatments if you want to do a coverup.

Consider laser and fluence. Our laser have a so called "tophat beam". Which means that the beam in every shot penetrates only as deep into the skin (epidermis and dermis) as the tattoo colour is, without harming any surrounding tissue. Thats why people got less pain and good results and more comfort treatments. Other lasers can increase the heat radiation and hurts a lot because they hit the nerves and blood vessles in 3rd skin layer (subkutis). Our laser got an exact impact of 240watt in every beam! other lasers got 60-120watt per beam. That means that in every shot, we got from double to fourdouble the effect to shatter the pigments in the tattoo colour to smaller particles. Which means that we got better results and clearance on our treatments then others.

Known sideeffects:

Dark skin has a higher risk to get temporary hyperpigmentation (white spots)

Temporary hyperpigmentation can also be seen in all other skintypes. sometimes its darker (brown) and sometimes whiter. This is normal, specially after several treatments in short time at the same area and its usually will be gone itself when the body produce new skin cells with more melanine. It takes normally 3-6 months and should be treated with high Sunprotection cream when the sun is shining to protect the skin.